Our mission is to represent Manitoba seed growers within the professional seed system for the benefit of agriculture in Manitoba.


  1. To promote the value of our seed quality assurance system to producers and end users.
  2. To develop linkages with all levels of government and agriculture industry.
  3. To educate customers on the role of the pedigreed seed system in the development and transfer of advanced genetics.
  4. To develop programs to provide production, processing, and marketing information for Manitoba Seed Growers’ Association members to expand their knowledge and profitability to their pedigreed seed enterprises.
  5. To facilitate the responsible transfer of plant genetics and seed technologies from the plant breeder to the commercial farmer.

Policy Development

In the development of policy and direction for the association, the Board should be guided by what is in the best interests of Manitoba’s seed growers.

Board Of Directors

Andrew Ayre | President

Box 203
Minto, MB
R0K 0M0
Ph. 204.776.2333
Fax. 204.776.2378
Cell. 204.534.0988

Ray Askin | Past President

RR#4, Box 9
Portage la Prairie, MB
R1N 3A4
Ph. 204.274.2417
Fax. 204.274.2740
Cell. 204.856.6475

Eric McLean | National Director

Box 142
Oak River, MB
R0K 1T0
Ph. 204.566.2261
Farm. 204.566.2422
Fax. 204.566.2148
Cell. .204.365.7412

Daniel Sanders |  Vice President

Manitou, MB
R0G 1G0
Cell. 204.242.4200
Fax. 204.242.2968

Marcel Gousseau | Provincial Director

Box 123
Oak Bluff, MB
R0G 1N0
Ph. 204.895.1357

Tom Greaves | Provincial Director

Box 2
Domain, MB
R0G 0M0
Ph. 204.736.2849
Cell. 204.918.4442
Fax. 204.736.2838

Ryan Murray | National Director

Box 4
Decker, MB
R0M 0K0
Ph. 204.764.2469
Farm. 204.764.2733
Cell. 204.764.0366
Fax. 204.764.2793

Chami Amarasinghe Ph.D | CSGA and MSGA Advisor

Research & Development Specialist Ag Genetics
Manitoba Agriculture

536 Stephen Street
Morden, MB
R6M 1T7
Ph. 204.823.2584

AJ Armstrong | Provincial Director

Box 1048
Boissevain, MB
R0K 0E0
Cell. 204.534.5899

Adam Gregory | Provincial Director

Box 18
Fisher Branch, MB
R0C 0Z0
Ph. 204.372.6720
Cell: 204.739.8314

Simon Ellis

Box 208
Wasanesa, MB
Ph. 204.720.9155

Jennifer Seward | Manager

Box 1910
Carman, MB
R0G 0J0
Ph. 204.745.6274
Fax. 204.745.6282
Cell. 204.745.7940